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Jack & Kashi

"Hello, please let me share with parents of pets. All Breeds, Eric has been caring for Jack and Kashi since January 2010 and I have never been so thankful, happy and pleased with his level of patience, responsibility and care they give my two dogs. All Breeds walks and cares for them beyond what is on our agreement. Each after noon, I get a report on their activity and she has never missed writing a progress report. When I am on vacation, All Breeds spends extra time with them and depending on their behavior she will spend more time with them if necessary. Because I am a nervous parent, All Breeds left me progress reports and sent me an email while I was away so that I could be updated daily. In addition, she administered their supplements, grabbed the paper and watered my plants. My dogs love him and so do I because I know they are in excellent care when they are with Eric. Lastly, they bring them treats during holiday times that she bakes and I tell you, Jack and Kashi love them. To sum it up, their service receives an A+ from me because she always has their interest at heart. I love All Breeds Dog Walking and Pet Care and you will too if you use them. "

Monique B.

Pepper & Rascal
.Pepper & Rascal  

"On the eve of beginning a new job, one that I had waited and worked years to obtain, the dog walker I had arranged daily walks with, stood us up.  The new job involved a longer commute and longer hours, too long to leave Pepper and Rascal alone without a walk.   I was in a panic, but remembered I had saved a flyer from a local dog walking company; All Breeds.  They stepped in to save the day! On short notice, All Breeds managed to get an introductory visit in with Pepper and Rascal, and then began dog walks less than 24 hours later. 


Pepper and Rascal are still very puppyish and require a great deal of patience; Eric has  been wonderful.  There are noticeable improvements in the behavior of Pepper and Rascal.  Now when I arrive home, they are calm, not anxious and they respond better to commands. I highly recommend Allbreeds to every pet owner (including my good friends who own pets) who needs the peace of mind of knowing their pets are well cared for by reliable, experienced, patient, kind, but firm; professionals."


Prince William County Animal Shelter

"Animal shelter helping us unload 911 pounds of dog and cat food raised during our food drive. Thank you everyone for the great donations. The shelter was very surprised."

Prince William County Animal Shelter


"It's a great feeling and a weight of my chest knowing All Breeds is taking care of my Rambo during the day.  He's a Boxer puppy and has lots of energy and requires lots of love.  I know he really appreciates All Breeds coming over and taking him outside and giving him some playtime.  It's hard to find a person who not only will give your pet the extra attention he needs and deserves, but also a person who you trust and you know has the best intentions for you and your pet.  I highly recommend All Breeds for you and your pet, they truly are a caring and professional company! "





"We know that our Dog Keyno is in great hands when we leave him to the care of Eric.  He not only makes sure that Keyno is fed and walked, but also that he has had his play time and is not lonely while we are away. All breeds Dog Walking has enhanced the our life and the life of our puppy and we know that Keyno looks forward to many more years of fun times with Eric."

Shelly & Corrine

Sam and Tessa

"Eric Hobby has been taking care of my dog and cat for the past six years. Whenever my husband and I go on holiday I feel secure leaving my dog (Tessa) and cat (Sam) with him.  Tessa loves being with the Hobby household—it’s like a vacation for her, and I can rest in the knowledge that Tessa isn’t in a crowded boarding facility or suffering in the stressful environment of a veterinary clinic.   Instead, Tessa is treated like a princess.  She is pampered and exercised and given lots of love and affection.  When we're on vacation, our cat, Sam, needs playtime to stay at home.  But Sam is a social cat and likes to have a lot of contact with people.  Eric provides him the playtime that he craves, litter box patrol, and they make sure he has everything he needs.  It is a relief to return home to a cat who is not stressed from lack of attention and contact--instead, we know he is loved and cared for while we are away.

Eric truly adores animals and care for those in their care as though they were their own.  I know when I leave my animals in the Hobby’s hands they will be treated as a member of the family."

Megan Lee



"Eric has been great!  Being dog lovers, he really understands my specific needs, but also I have the peace of mind that they will watch over my home as well.  I am often out of town, and as a Bassett hound lover, I have never been very comfortable in boarding.  My Ginny does a lot better in a more stable environment like home and I would highly recommend All Breeds to anyone looking for an honest and safe experience."

Kris G. of Bristow, VA

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